Lisa and Mary Young at a Campaign Party

Lisa and Fellow Councilperson Mary Young at a Campaign Party.

What People Are Saying About Lisa-

Charles Wilkinson: Endorsement editorial went too far

Daily Camera Letter to the Editor, Posted 10/6/2015

In your endorsement of city council candidates, you were right in arguing that the council needs new blood.  It is going to far, however, to dispense with proven, excellent members like Lisa Morzel and Suzanne Jones.

I have followed Lisa for one long time and I know that for sure Lisa is for the people! She cares about all of us, no matter our ethnicity, color, sexual orientation, religion she is a champion of inclusivity which is so important to all of us, especially for us people of color. She is a leader and will continue to do great deeds not only for Boulder but for all of us in Boulder County! Dan Benavides, former Longmont City Councilmember

I’m voting for Lisa because she represents all that is great about Boulder- thoughtful, generous, respectful, fiesty, courageous, tenaceous, innovative- A real leader!  Myriah Conroy, Boulder resident, former member of Parks Board and Transportation Board.

I trust Lisa because she cares deeply about the people of Boulder including our local merchants and she cares deeply about the environment.  Mostly, I appreciate Lisa’s intelligence, courage, and ability to get things done for all the people of Boulder.  David Bolduc, founder and owner, Boulder Book Store.

Lisa has the experience, knowledge, and determination to represent our city on the tough issues related to renewable energy, open space, good governance, and interaction with our neighbors in the region. She truly is a voice for Boulder— and she listens!   Ruth Wright, former Colorado Legislator.

Lisa Morzel fights fervently for the rights of those less fortunate. She led and won the fight to protect homeowners rights and investments in the city’s mobile home parks, thus insuring stability in their neighborhoods. Joe McDonald, former Boulder Community Hospital CFO.

Lisa is someone who has always stood up for the disenfranchised members of our community.  She is someone who truly cares about Boulder and its future.  With her many years of service, Lisa has not lost her soul or her spirit.   Barrie Hartman, former Editor, Daily Camera.

Lisa has made a positive impact by advocating for good planning, parks, open space, reduction of our carbon footprint, recycling, libraries, local businesses, residents, neighborhoods, and the arts. She listens to all and considers their input; that is the reason Lisa has a long list of supporters from all sectors of our community.   Crystal Gray, former Boulder City Councilmember.

Lisa Morzel, throughout her 16 years on City Council, has shown she has a strong ethical compass, works diligently on all the issues, and is clearly a voice for the people of Boulder. Her recent success in leading the way to creation of a Boulder regulation to protect the rights of mobile home park residents illustrates her ability to work collaboratively and get things done! I trust and strongly support Lisa for re-election. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives.

Keep up the fight(s) for common sense and justice, Lisa!!  Dennis Arfmann, Climate Change and Energy Advisor

When I was a kid I used to tell stories about how tough my aunt was.  She fell into a volcano and walked out! Tenacity makes the difference.  Keep trucking!! Jabriel Donohue, my awesome nephew

I am pleased and proud to support Lisa Morzel for Boulder City Council in the coming election.  Thank you so much for your years of outstanding service and dedication to the City and citizens of Boulder.  Peter Mayer, Water Demand Management, LLC

I support you, Lisa, and your reach to continue to help guide our town toward a healthy direction…thanks for running…  Graham Hill, Environmental and Transportation Advocate

Lisa has been a great council member over the years and I strongly support her re-election.  Narayan Shrestha

Lisa Morzel is not only interested in working to serve the community of Boulder, she also is passionate about contributing to a better world.  If only every public servant were as dedicated and thoughtful as Lisa is!   Essrea Cherin, Conflict Management Consultant

Lisa has brought a higher level of integrity to the city council. We need to keep her there.  Pete Conis, owner North Boulder Liquor